What is the Purchasing Collective?


The Purchasing Collective is how we expand our inventory.

In short, anything we do not currently have in inventory, and can’t immediately acquire, goes into this category. Typically these have minimum order quantities - either per item or per manufacturer - so in order to bring exciting new colors of dice in stock, for example, we may have to bring in 20 sets at a time. So in order to properly fund this, we offer the Purchasing Collective.

Our previous iteration of the Purchasing Collective was set this up to allow people to effectively pre-order these items at a substantial discount (typically 30% off list pricing), in exchange for a delay of between four and eight weeks. For the time being, until traffic returns to normal levels, we can’t reasonably guarantee that a specific popular item will reach 20 orders within a reasonable time period — so, instead, we are working out a public voting system on Facebook for people to vote on our next stocked color, with a portion of any profits from existing sales being put towards getting the most popular items in each category brought into stock and put up for sale; whatever item has the most likes gets added next.

Our current Purchasing Collective sections (and Facebook collections) are:

  • Dice Rally: Our longest-running favorite, this section lets us finance new dice colors; the Minimum Order Quantity listed generally matches the minimum order quantity we need to order to get them into stock (typically between 20 and 100 sets).

  • Gaming Closet: These are games (board games, card games, dice games, and more) and gaming supplies (RPG game books, tokens, and other supplies) that we would love to sell, but a minimum dollar amount in orders is required to purchase them. As such, the Minimum Order Quantity represented is the number we would have to sell in order to order just that item; in all likelihood, we will bring them into stock based on the proportion of votes (if one item gets 20 votes, one item gets 10 votes, and we can afford to bring 3 of those items in stock, the one with 20 votes will get a stock of 2 while the one with 10 votes will get a stock of 1).

  • Mini Rack: Like the Gaming Closet, miniatures listed here aren’t currently in our inventory, but are easily acquired if we have a large enough order on hand. As such, the Minimum Order Quantity represented is the number we would have to sell in order to order just that item, and we will bring them in stock based on the proportion of votes.

What happens when a Purchasing Collective item is stocked?

Once an item from our Purchasing Collective comes into stock, if it has been sponsored via a Dice Rally Sponsorship, we will put it up into our Sale Items category; this means it will be sold at 30% off of list pricing, or more if we get a phenomenally good deal — for example, a particular dice color may have a list price of $4.99 based on where we’re getting it from, and thus we would price it at $3.49.

Dice we sponsor ourselves go up into the Standard Dice section with a price of 20% off of list price, and are done roughly in the order of what is most popular in our collection.