We believe that gamers should be able to enjoy their favorite things without being gouged for every set of dice or interesting new toy they pick up.
— Austin Cushing

Stylish Dice, Nice Price

We started out selling dice on the Internet and at small local conventions because we wanted to do a dice project and discovered that in our area, dice were prohibitively expensive at local stores. So we did some research, found what we wanted, and thought, “Hey, others might want to not pay these prices either,” and since then we’ve been focused on finding things people want to indulge their geeky sides.

Who Are We?

We are Laura and Austin Cushing, the founders of the small gaming group Lab Arc in 1997, and much more recently the founders of the small business Lab Arc LLC. Through Roll 4 It Dice, we hope to bring people awesome things they really enjoy at prices that aren’t ridiculous.

What Do We Offer?

Currently, we are only listing items that are either in our direct inventory or have minimal lead times so that we can focus on serving our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, we have a very broad pool of merchandise and will be gradually expanding our inventory over the next few months.